Canadian Shield

Convoy of Fishing Boats
Explore it all by boat... bring your camera
You will cherrish the abundance of natural beauty and wildlife in this area of northern Manitoba when your explore it by boat. Bring your camera and marvel at the sheer, forest trimmed rock-faces that line the lakes. This is nature at its best, and we invite you to come and share it with us.

No boat? No problem!
Whether you don't have a boat or don't feel like towing it up here, you'll be glad to know you can choose from our fleet of Canoes and sixteen foot aluminum boats equipped with depth finders and whisper quiet 4-stroke outboard motors, swivel seats, lifejackets, flares, paddles and anchors.

Back Country Fishing Outfitters
Let our back-country fishing experts guide you deep into the Canadian bush to experience an unforgettable day of secluded lake fishing on near-virgin lakes teeming with fish unfamiliar with man and his tricks. It's a day you and your guests won't soon forget!
boat docks on Lagoon

Boat Rentals

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