Bryan & Elissa Bogdan
Your Hosts: Bryan & Ellisa Bogdan
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"Small Towns and Big Dreams" by Paul Brandt is a model song about this young  couple.  Both grew up on farms in southern Saskatchewan, and both chased their dreams.

Bryan lived near Avonlea, and Elissa grew up near the town of Frontier.  Both had a passion for the outdoors growing up.  This passion led Bryan to become an avid hunter and fisherman which eventually took him to school to get his diploma in Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Recreation.  With this education, Bryan left the farm in the summer to guide at fly-in fishing camps.  Elissa loved the outdoors, but also loved to help people.  This led her to obtain a degree is Physiotherapy from Saskatoon's University of Saskatchewan.  She kept her love for the outdoors and proved it by saving forests.  Her summer job during the university years was a Forest Fire Fighter, based out of Cypress Hills, Sk.

Eventually the love story came into play, and in June 2009, the Bogdan family was formed.  This included their two chocolate labs,  Bauer and Maggie.   Bryan and Elissa decided to pursue their dream of a fishing lodge/ family business which led them to Wekusko Falls Lodge.  April of 2010 found themselves moving up to the lodge to take over May 1, 2010 as the new owners.

It has been quite the adventure for the two, but both have no regrets with the move or the business.  It is quite the life style change from tractors and broken hips- but they'll take it.  The slogan for Wekusko Falls Lodge means just as much for them as it does the guests.   With that being said, they invite you to enjoy a great memory filled experience, and come "Withdraw to the Wilderness".

Bryan & Elissa Bogdan

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